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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2013, 100 Enterprises International Group Company Limited (“100 Enterprises”) is a private company incorporated in Hong Kong in the year of 2013.


100 Enterprises is appointed as the Sole Global Representative Office by the respective worldwide sole owner of the brands and trademarks, namely, YASHICA, JNC, and MENDi. 


100 Enterprises is authorized to grant R&D, Production, Marketing and Distribution rights.


Both 100 Enterprises and the respective brand owners are under the same and sole ownership.


From June 2017 to December 2018, Brand Reborn campaigns were executed for YASHICA, JNC and MENDi respectively. 100 Enterprises is dedicated to creating the most purposeful brands and improving consumers’ lives.


100 Enterprises is the global sole agent of YASHICA, JNC and MENDi. 

Our Vision

Our Vision

Aim High. Walk the Tall. 昂首闊歩


We adopt an open-minded vision and are always ready to create opportunities and take new challenges with the emphasis on the development of Culture, Branding and Society at global vision.


We always strive our best to uplift the brand value and to enrich the products in order to make life beautiful, chic and smart.

Our Brands

Our Brands

100 walk tall_web-03.jpg

YASHICA is a Japanese camera brand since 1949 with world-renowned recognition and popularity. After being silent for several decades, the brand reborn campaign was launched in 2017. 

YASHICA has created a new realm in its film camera products for the young generation and an unwavering community of photographers to capture the magic of the present.

With a vision to revive film photography, YASHICA led the creation of the world’s 1st digiFilm system and launched the unprecedented camera Y35 to lead with innovation and passion for film camera in styles. The novelty is to emulate the experience of combining analogue and digital photography with the introduction of digiFilm system to experiment 6 distinctive effects. digiFilm camera Y35 recaptures the joy and meaning of photography with the magic and ease of digiFilm system. 


This innovation was first announced globally on October 10, 2017 at Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign with HK$5M (USD0.65M) pledged within the first 24 hours.  


This legendary campaign was completed with HK$10M (USD1.3M) pledged by 7000 backers from more than 25 countries. It was the record high project in Asia in terms of both amount funded and number of backers.

YASHICA puts customers front and center from determining the product color selections to leveraging user-generated content. YASHICA aims to power a new wave of innovation and improve customer experience. We always work on the connection between YASHICA and our customers, where they are a part of the community.

Our hero product - MF-1 is known for its extensive ranges of colour and compact size to travel. Collaborative projects with notable brands – Supreme and Netflix position YASHICA MF-1 as an ideal lifestyle accessory. Hence, YASHICA can build a larger and more diverse audience base to grow the film camera community.  

Now it is time go back to film cameras.



100 walk tall_web-04.jpg

life is beautiful is the theme of the uplift program of JNC brand. JNC is a leading Korean home appliance brand, which has been one of the active and well-known players in the Hong Kong market for more than 20 years. At JNC, we strive to listen to customer voices and resolve their problems from users’ perspectives.


JNC was known for its digital and audio-visual products, such as MP3, TV, and Hi-Fi in the 90s. It has ambition plans to grow and extend its product range. Since 2013, it has been expanding the product line to electrical home appliances designed for the modern household.


For better long-term development, JNC has been exploring more possibilities with increasing focus on innovative, fashionable and smart design.  The products are designed to be chic, smart and elegant to help customers get better and efficient results.


In October 2018, JNC introduced globally at Kickstarter platform its World’s 1st NANO STEAM iron Combo (nano combo). 


Featuring tiny nano steam, it is the fastest, smallest and most professional steamer and iron combo. This is the very first time that nano steam is applied for iron product. 


Furthermore, JNC has tapped into the new realm of IP collaborative products to cater to family with toddlers’ needs and relate to swath of customers’ favourite characters.


This is the milestone of JNC



100 walk tall_web-05.jpg

MENDi represents Inspiration, Creativity and Uniqueness


MENDi provides a hue, where the brilliant designers exchange their ideas, inter-react, pour in their own expertise. Each Creation and Art Piece of MENDi is the fruit of extensive collaboration, exuding coherent style and shining brightly and uniquely.


Inspiration can be found everywhere but CREATIVITY is universally unique.


3D Geometry Series – New Angles, New World

This is latest product line of fashion accessories for Men and Ladies. 


Different from those traditional style, the inspiration of Geometric series comes from a new perspective as it names – Geometry. Its breakthrough design can doubtlessly make you a special one in the world!


With the designers’ endless creativity and skillful handicraft, genuine leather is revitalized into dynamic and energetic shapes, making every item universally unique. The combination of fashion and sports further creates a new blaze of vigorousness. 


MENDi is Memorable, Enchanting, Noble, Distinctive and innovative?!

However, such expression is a little bit superficial. 


MENDi pursues timeless and ever-lasting design, which is absolutely different from that of fast fashion. Its direction goes for fashionable design with intrinsic value rather than simply trendy. 


Every item of MENDi is virtually an art piece made by superb hand craftsmanship. It is made to order.


MENDi has no boundaries. It is not bound by country, culture, species,

class or gender.


The timeless design and creation of MENDi is for the Universe. 


This will begin a new chapter in MENDi's development.

Contact Us

Contact Us


Room G, 15/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2416 0100

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